Are you interested in 4 of Pentacles ‘Yes or No’ Tarot Reading? Then this guide is for you!

Count yourself lucky if you encounter the 4 of Pentacles in a Yes or No tarot reading session. This card commends you for the excellent work you have been doing.

Your effort and a positive attitude go a long way in creating material and financial comforts for yourself and your loved ones.

The Four of Pentacles also warns against the dangers of being too materialistic. Although working for wealth and material comforts is good, don’t make this your primary preoccupation.

Your spiritual health and wellbeing should take first priority.

What Does the 4 of Pentacles Symbolize?

The colors and illustrations used on this card are vivid and deep in symbolism. A man is shown seated on a chair, which may or may not be a throne.

On his head is a crown, which may or may not be genuine. Atop the crown sits a golden pentacle. He clutches another golden pentacle close to his chest in a tight embrace.

Two more pentacles are firmly under his feet. He steps on them to show that he doesn’t want anybody taking them away from him.

The smug look on his face shows that this man is satisfied with his material acquisitions. Seemingly, he has worked hard, and it’s now time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

While some people believe that this man is a king, others contend that he is no king at all but someone who has worked hard and now sits on a vast financial empire.

A closer look at this picture reveals that this man is alone, and has no one to share his wealth with. This powerfully brings out the theme of materialism.

It seems that he is driven by nothing but the need to accumulate more and more material wealth.

The pentacle on his head indicates that he has sacrificed his spiritual capital in favor of material wealth.

His connection to the Divine Source is severed because he spends all his time pursuing money.

In the background is a vast city, which this man is supposed to rule over. But, because of his preoccupation with money, he abandons his responsibilities.

So, although this man has substantial financial clout, he is all alone. He cannot make any meaningful connections because his life is driven by the desire to protect his wealth and acquire more.

The Meaning of Four of Pentacles for Life Goals

Upright Four of Pentacles for Life Goals – Yes or No

Drawing the Four of Pentacles indicates you have been working hard. The results of your labor are there for everyone to see.

You have achieved the highest accolades imaginable – or you are on the path to doing so. However, just because your material life is doing so well, do not forget the other aspects of your existence.

The 4 of Pentacles encourages you to create a meaningful connection with people. Reach out to those who need your support and help them put a foot in the door.

Equally importantly, ensure that your connection with your Higher Power is solid. Your life goals become more feasible when you are at peace with your divine guides.

Reversed Four of Pentacles for Life Goals – Yes or No

The reversed 4 of Pentacles cautions you against being too materialistic. Yet, your fear of poverty has seemingly led you to take extreme measures to safeguard your health.

You believe you will suddenly become poor when you start sharing your wealth with others. However, the inverted 4 of Pentacles reminds you that hoarding will do no good.

This card reminds you that you were once a decent, considerate person. Pulling the Four of Pentacles urges you to regain your humanity.

Money is not everything, you know. There’s more to life than work and accumulating wealth.

The Meaning of Four of Pentacles for Love

Upright Four of Pentacles for Love – Yes or No

In matters of love, this card gives you a NO answer unless you are willing to give your partner the freedom to thrive.

Like the man on the card tightly clutches a pentacle on his chest, your partner feels you are too possessive.

It’s like you suspect you’ll lose them if you give them breathing space. The truth is that both of you need some personal space to grow as individuals.

The relationship becomes too stifling when this space is lacking, and you may eventually choke it to death.

The upright 4 of pentacles urge you to allow your partner some room to maneuver. But they will stay if they are meant to be with you.

However, if you are not meant to be together, your partner will not stay regardless of how strongly you cling to them.

Reversed Four of Pentacles for Love – Yes or No

To show your love to your partner, you have allowed them the space to explore their individuality. You have indicated that they can come and go as they please.

Although you take a considerable risk, this move will pay off quickly. It doesn’t matter whether your partner goes and stays.

The fact that you have created the necessary freedom in the relationship makes you the obvious winner.

The reversed Four of Pentacles asks you to uphold independence and freedom rather than authoritarianism.

Love is kind and generous; it is by no means high-handed.

The Meaning of Four of Pentacles for Advice

Upright Four of Pentacles for Advice – Yes or No

Have you been given some advice recently and want to determine whether it is sound? An upright 4 of Pentacles shows a YES answer in such a scenario.

However, it urges you to listen to your heart and intuition. Anything that goes against the counsel of your heart and intuition is likely to cause more harm than good.

The Universe often reaches out to your intuition and inner wisdom to show you the way when you are confused.

This is the energy the upright Four of Pentacles taps into to give you the affirmative answer.

Reversed Four of Pentacles for Advice – Yes or No

The reversed 4 of Pentacles warns you against making a decision without considering its impact on others.

A wrong decision will harm your closest and dearest. In the business world, they ruin your reputation and rob you of your associates and clients.

Whenever you are called upon to make a critical decision, engage all your faculties. As you do this, listen keenly to your intuition and inner wisdom.

These channels always have a way of helping you decipher what’s happening in your life.

The Meaning of Four of Pentacles for Finances

Upright Four of Pentacles for Finances – Yes or No

Money should be enjoyed as the fruit of labor. However, the moment you start hoarding money and become a miser, you trap yourself in a prison that will be difficult to escape.

The upright 4 of Pentacles warns you against falling prey to greed. Instead, this card indicates it’s okay to work hard and accumulate money, as long as it is responsibly used.

Spend money on yourself – don’t keep all your money hidden away for fear that spending will bankrupt you.

All your work goes down the drain if you make money and can’t use it on yourself and your loved ones.

However, this is not to say that you should spend every penny you make. On the contrary, this card encourages you to be sensible enough and keep some savings for the rainy days ahead.

Reversed Four of Pentacles for Finances – Yes or No

Although money is good and gives us material comforts, it can enslave you if you approach it from the wrong angle.

The reversed 4 of Pentacles tells you not to worship money. Your financial wealth is the means to an end, not the end itself.

This tarot reminds you there is more to life than just creating a formidable financial empire. As it is often said, money is not everything.

Loosen your purses a bit and learn to give to deserving causes. Reach out to the less fortunate and teach them how to make money.

Granted, you may not be able to change the whole world at the same time. But, you can contribute to the fight against poverty by mentoring one person.

The more people you teach to fish for financial rewards, the more blessings you attract to your own life.

The Meaning of Four of Pentacles for Health

Upright Four of Pentacles for Health – Yes or No

The 4 of Pentacles warns that your greed will likely compromise your health. Yet, you seem to be working all the time with hardly any time for relaxation and reflection.

Pulling this card urges you to pay more attention to your health. Listen to your body and find out if everything is working right.

Although it is good to create wealth and material comforts, don’t do it at the expense of your health. Instead, take time off your busy schedule to be with your loved ones.

It would be best if you also spent more time in meditation and communion with your Higher Power.

Reversed Four of Pentacles for Health – Yes or No

The reversed version of the 4 of Cups shows you have seen the sense of restoring back your health. This is good news; it shows you have finally gotten a grip on your life.

Perhaps, something has happened to convince you that you don’t need to own the whole world to be respected.

You just need to create the right human and divine connections. Then, as a result, you have more time to tend to your health.


Regarding your work and finances, the 4 of Pentacles will give you a YES answer if you have a positive disposition.

You need to demonstrate that your love for money does not outstrip your love for humanity. Therefore, the Four of Pentacles encourages you to make as much money as you want, and use it responsibly.

Many get it wrong when imagining peace and happiness are brought about by amassing wealth and riches.

The truth is that your happiness depends on how balanced your life is.

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