Are you interested in 5 of Cups ‘Yes or No’ Tarot Reading? Then this guide is for you!

Pulling the Five of Cups in a Yes or No reading session indicates you are living in the past. You have allowed all the negative energies from your past to invade your life.

This tarot shows you are beholden to anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, and hatred. These have blinded you to the many golden opportunities around you.

A close look at this card encourages you to curb the feelings of helplessness and self-pity. It’s time to regain control of your life.

What Does the Five of Cups Symbolize?

To understand the message borne by the 5 of Cups, you need to look at the symbolic significance of the colors and illustrations depicted in the image.

We see an image of a desolate man dressed in a black cloak with his back toward us on the card. He hangs his head in shame, despair, and hopelessness.

At his feet are three overturned cups that symbolize his loss and failure. However, behind this man are upturned cups that he does not see.

The upright cup represents new opportunities for growth and expansion. But, unfortunately, our man is so focused on the fallen cups that he does not realize he can still make it in life.

In the background is a bridge that can easily connect this man to his home or castle. But does he move in its direction? No! His whole being is focused on the fallen cups: his failures and mistakes.

This image indicates you will likely lose many opportunities if you focus on past failures and mistakes.

It’s time you left your past lie where it should be, and concentrated on the opportunities ahead of you.

The bridge in this image calls on you to take action to change your life’s story. But, unfortunately, things will not change in your favor unless you arouse yourself out of your despair and sadness.

In other words, this image urges you to take charge of your destiny.

Meaning of the Five of Cups for Life Goals

Upright Five of Cups for Life Goals – Yes or No

Are you dissatisfied with your life because it doesn’t seem to move in the direction you envisioned? The upright 5 of Cups is an implicit reminder that life is full of ups and downs.

However, you should always pick yourself up and keep moving whenever you trip and fall.

The upright 5 of Cups opens your eyes to the dangers of being stuck in the past. Do not allow the mistakes and failures of your past to enslave you.

Remember, your past provides important life lessons; it is not meant to be a prison sentence.

Drawing the Five of Cups asks you to stop lamenting and take positive action instead. It is time to get your head out of despair and hopelessness and focus on your future.

Things will never change unless you start looking at your life from an optimistic angle. Once you set your mind on the right trajectory, you’ll realize you have missed a lot.

The Universe has put in place all the opportunities you need to thrive. Look at it this way: if the man on the card turns back as he sees the upright cups, wouldn’t he be happy and hopeful?

He can achieve this only when he stops focusing on the fallen cups.

Reversed Five of Cups for Life Goals – Yes or No

Do you sometimes feel like a failure? Do you believe you have been working hard but with little to show?

The reversed Five of Cups tarot asks you to pause and take stock of your life. The hardship or defeat you experienced in the past does not define your life.

Likely, you move through life fearfully for fear of failing or making mistakes as you did in the past. While learning from our failures and mistakes is wise, we should not be beholden to them.

The upside-down 5 of Cups asks you to get a grip on your life and start seeing the possibilities ahead of you.

Drawing this card is a powerful reminder that only you can turn your life around. You’ll get all the support you need, but no one will do the actual work for you.

Meaning of the Five of Cups for Love

Upright Five of Cups for Love – Yes or No

The upright 5 of Cups indicates you have not been so lucky with love. Likely, you have parted ways with the apple of your eye recently.

It could also be that your relationship is a living hell, and you regret having been involved with your partner in the first place.

You seem to have all sorts of disputes and conflicts. But, unfortunately, arguments quickly escalate into verbal, emotional, and even physical fights.

Pulling the Five of Cups during a Yes or No reading for love shows that all is not lost. If you can stem your feelings of loss for a moment, you’ll realize new opportunities exist.

The end of one relationship does not mean the end of life. So pick yourself up, dust yourself, and put your best foot forward.

Reversed Five of Cups for Love – Yes or No

This version of the 5 of Cups indicates you have decided to move on with your life. You have made the deliberate decision not to stay in hopelessness and self-pity.

This tarot shows you are ready to take your love life to the next level. You are outgrowing a heartbreak by entirely giving your mind and heart to the healing process.

The upside-down Five of Cups urges you to open your eyes to the many romantic opportunities around you.

You are a pure soul worthy of being loved and loving. With the right mindset, you’ll not have a shortage of potential partners.

This tarot indicates you’ll know peace when you create favorable emotions in your life. Unfortunately, you may have to consult an expert therapist to accomplish this.

Meaning of the Five of Cups for Finance

Upright Five of Cups for Finance – Yes or No

Have you made a terrible investment lately? Do you feel at a loss because of a significant financial injury? The upright 5 of Cups shows the pains of financial loss.

You are going through a stressful period without thought of how you will recover.

The upright Five of Cups tells you that you need to take control of your life now more than ever. Don’t allow negative emotions and energies to push your life down the path of rack and ruin.

Drawing the Five of Cups reminds you that failure is part and parcel of life. You can learn from your loss and make better decisions from your recovery.

Many have risen from the bowels of failure and gone ahead to epitomize growth and prosperity. You can make this the story of your life – only if you believe in yourself.

Reversed Five of Cups for Finance – Yes or No

Your financial woes are coming to an end. Thanks to your positivity and the power of self-belief, you have managed to sail successfully through the period of financial pain and upheaval.

Granted, you’ll carry some scars from the battles you’ve had to fight. However, the loss you had made was more profound than most people can bear.

But you have been brave and should wear those scars as badges of honor for your resilience and bravery.

The reversed Five of Cups shows you learned much from your financial blunders. As a result, you will not likely fall into the same rut again.

Meaning of the Five of Cups for Health

Upright Five of Cups for Health – Yes or No

The upright 5 of Cups predicts an invasion of worry, anxiety, and doubt into your life. Likely, you will lose it because things are not going as planned.

Your health will be sent sprawling into an emotional crisis. This tarot warns of possible mental and emotional issues, including depression.

The truth is that you cannot lie in the same bed with negative energies and expect to have a positive outlook in life.

However, amid all this pain and confusion, there’s a ray of hope. Your mental faculties, though affected, can be salvaged.

The upright 5 of Cups suggests the need to consult an expert therapist to take you through the healing process.

This will entail letting go of anything from your past that’s pulling you down. You may also have to significantly change certain aspects of your lifestyle.

Reversed Five of Cups for Health – Yes or No

The reversed 5 of Cups encourages you to enroll for constructive healing. This tarot indicates that the key to good health is taking control of your life.

Pay close attention to your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Let go of anything that connects you to your painful past.

Moving forward, this card asks you to be guided by a positive mindset. Concentrate on the possibilities – what you can do and accomplish – instead of the impossibilities.

The interesting thing about life is that both the good and the bad exist equally. So which one will you focus on?


The Five of Cups gives a NO answer in a Yes or No tarot reading session. This is because you have allowed negative energies to camp in your life.

For this reason, you are plagued by hurt and grief.

This tarot cautions you against moving around with emotional pain and grief imprinted on your forehead. Everyone can see that you are laden with emotional baggage from your past.

All the same, all is not lost. On the contrary, if you can turn your mindset and see the upturned cups behind you, your life will hugely change for the better.

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