Are you interested in 9 of Swords ‘Yes or No’ Tarot Reading? Then this guide is for you!

Have you pulled a 9 of swords tarot card in your reading recently? If you did, you probably know what this card represents.

A nine of swords stands for feelings of uneasiness, self-defeat, and being burdened. You are likely to draw this card when you feel overwhelmed by what’s happening in your life.

Pulling the 9 of swords in a reading does not happen by coincidence. Instead, the strong negative feelings you are battling naturally draw you to this tarot card.

What Does the Nine of Swords Symbolize?

The 9 of swords tarot card represents the negative emotions that haunt you.

These emotions may be triggered by something that recently happened in your life, or a deep-seated trauma that has remained unresolved from your past.

Because of its connection with fear, anxiety, and worry, many people cannot interpret the reading of this card as either YES or NO.

This card tells you that you have allowed negative energies and emotions from your past to take center stage in your life.

You could be reeling under the impact of unresolved anger, resentment, hatred, and jealousy.

This does not mean, however, that your life is hopeless or beyond redemption. Actually, the 9 of swords points out that your life is not as bad as it seems.

Neither is it as desperate as you feel.

Reading the 9 of swords gives you a NO answer because you need to put certain things in order.

You must decisively deal with the negative energies you have allowed to take over your entire existence.

Unless this happens, you’ll not see your goals and dreams as clearly as you should. The 9 of swords asks you to look closely at the issues you are going through.

You’ll realize that things are not as bad as you had initially thought; there’s a way out of your predicament.

Meaning of 9 of Swords for Life Goals

Upright 9 of Swords for Life Goals – Yes or No

The nine of swords has an image of someone going through grief at night. This person is seated on their bed with their head in their hands.

This image shows that this individual is reeling under the impact of negative emotions. They cannot sleep at night because of the heavy thoughts that weigh down on them.

This power card further heightens these emotions by showing a darkened night sky, devoid of stars or moonlight.

Viewed from its upright position, the nine of swords indicates what you could be going through in your current life.

You could feel all is lost because of a series of misfortunes and setbacks.

This tarot card gives a powerful NO answer, which can be turned around if you are willing to go through the healing process.

Pay close attention to the surrounding cards to determine what could be causing you anguish. You’ll realize that you can recover quite fast if you are positively motivated.

Reversed 9 of Swords for Life Goals – Yes or No

The nine of swords has a more positive message in its upside-down position. It indicates you have the power to turn your life around by taking charge of your emotions.

This tarot indicates you have no reason to feel powerless about the negative energies in your life.

Suppose you are positively motivated to overcome your troubled times. In that case, you’ll move to a better, happier position where you can work on your dreams unhindered.

This card cautions against relying on others or your environment for your happiness. Instead, it draws attention to your capacity to make your own happiness by taking charge of your life.

Suppose you are willing to take the measures necessary to change your life positively. In that case, the reversed 9 swords card provides an optimistic YES answer.

Meaning of Nine of Swords for Love

Upright 9 of Swords for Love – Yes or No

Have you been hurt or betrayed before? Do you feel you can no longer trust or love someone unreservedly?

Regarding love reading, the 9 of swords tarot card indicates a NO.

A 9 of swords reading indicates regret. Likely, you cannot move with confidence when it comes to matters of love.

You feel you cannot give love as freely as you used to. It could be that your current partner has nothing to do with the hurt you feel.

However, the quality of your current love life is affected because of a negative past experience.

This tarot card indicates the need to work through your feelings to get to a space where you can love and trust once more.

If you are not in an active relationship, take the time to heal before being romantically involved. But if you are in a relationship, this reading indicates the need to open up to your partner.

Candidly share with them what you are going through. This is an essential step in the healing process.

Reversed 9 of Swords for Love – Yes or No

This reading indicates a NO to your questions. However, it offers you an excellent opportunity to change the story of your relationship.

A reversed 9 of swords reading indicates that things have not been going very well for you and your partner.

The worst bit is that you have not been doing much to change the situation. This card tells you that unless you take action, things are not going to change much.

Alternatively, something or someone will interfere with the love you enjoy. Therefore, you must take positive action to avert this disaster before it happens.

The best way to go about this is by enhancing communication between you and your partner. The talk will not only be therapeutic for both of you, but will also expose any existing fissures.

A reversed nine of swords tarot card holds a message of hope. It alerts you that things are not as bad as you believe.

You and your partner can put your relationship in a more comfortable position with the right action.

Nine of Swords Meaning for Marriage – Yes or No

When it comes to marriage, the nine of swords tarot card asks you to focus more on the future than on your past.

Where you are going with your spouse is more important than your past. This card could be a pointer to the hurts and pains you’ve been nursing from past relationships.

Don’t allow your past to mar the good things you and your partner have. If you can focus on making your marriage work rather than dwelling on the past, this card indicates a MAYBE.

Your relationship has a good chance of success.

Meaning of Nine of Swords for Advice

Upright 9 of Swords for Advice – Yes or No

The 9 of swords reading warns you against burying your head in the sand in the face of challenges.

Seemingly, you have allowed worry and anxiety to creep into your life because you don’t want to deal with your immediate problems.

This sign cautions you against this kind of behavior because it is only by handling your challenges that you know how strong you are.

The nine of swords tells you to devise a plan of action to deal with the issues you’ve been avoiding decisively.

Sitting on your hands and burying your head in the sand won’t cut it. So instead, you must confront your fears and tackle them head-on.

If you are willing to walk this journey, the 9 of swords gives you a strong MAYBE. Stop being your own enemy by second-guessing your ability to handle your hardships.

Reversed 9 of Swords for Advice – Yes or No

The nine of swords in reverse works very well if you are looking for answers about your life.

Do you want to understand where you are coming from and where you are going? The reversed 9 of swords tarot card is a powerful ally if you do.

This reading motivates you to face the difficulties in your life and overcome them. Furthermore, it enables you to realize that you must get rid of all forms of doubt to succeed.

Your inner voice must be strong and courageous in declaring your determination to succeed.

The reversed 9 of swords is a strong YES if you are willing to replace fear and worry with courage and confidence.

Meaning of Nine of Swords for Career

The nine of swords reading tells you that if you want to succeed in your professional development, you must eliminate fear.

Why have you allowed fear to supplant courage and confidence? This tarot card reading reminds you that success belongs to the bold.

At the same time, the reading urges you to upgrade yourself with the latest knowledge constantly. You can’t expect to grow and thrive in your career if you have allowed your mind to fall into disuse.

You need skills you can deploy to remain relevant and thrive in your chosen field of expertise.

However, if you stick to the same old beaten path, you’ll soon make friends with frustration, desperation, and hopelessness.

The 9 of swords indicates that you can begin a new chapter if you are positively motivated. If you desire to change careers to a more lucrative path, this change needs to start in your mind.

Envision yourself changing your career path and succeeding. However, if you keep blaming yourself for every hardship and failure you encounter, this tarot card gives a NO answer.

Meaning of Nine of Swords for Health

The nine of swords represents your mental health. Likely, you will encounter challenges in this area that may force you to visit a specialist.

This is quite in order as your health should always come first. However, avoid self-medication for depression and other mental conditions.

This tarot card strongly warns against turning to alcohol and other mood-altering substances for relief. This will be like adding fuel to an already bad fire.


The 9 of swords tarot card reading indicates negative thoughts and emotions that can derail you from your goals and dreams.

This reading cautions you against paying too much attention to what could go wrong in your life.

Instead, make a deliberate effort to concentrate on remedying your past mistakes to make your future bright.

The nine of swords is generally taken to be a NO tarot card. However, it indicates you can change your story if guided by a positive mindset.

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