Are you interested in whether The Star a Yes Or No Card? Then this guide is for you!

When the Star reveals itself in a Yes or No reading, it gives a firm YES answer to your question. This card stands for a fresh start, hope, and harmony.

It appears when you need an injection of peace and optimism in your life. Pulling this card from a deck shows you are headed for good times.

The Star tarot indicates that the hard times are over; you can now smile and hope for positive changes.

What Does the Star Tarot Symbolize?

Whenever you see stars, it means that positive energies are flowing into your life. Don’t be confused about what it means when the Star card shows up during a Yes or No session.

There can only be one interpretation: the hurtful things weighing you down are no more.

The image on this card shows a naked woman kneeling beside a lagoon. On each hand, she holds a jug of water.

She pours a stream of water from her right-hand jug into the bright blue lagoon. Simultaneously, she pours water on the earth from her left-hand jug.

This symbolizes the need to take charge of your emotions. The water pouring into the pond indicates that your emotions are important.

The water pouring into the earth indicates the need to ground or stabilize these emotions.

Her nudity shows that you need to be true to yourself. It would be best if you were honest about your feeling to yourself.

This also indicates the need to remain true to your values and principles despite the changing situations around you.

The image further shows 7 beautiful painted stars in the sky, which stand for the 7 chakra points in your body.

These stars surround a bigger Star showing that you need to harmonize all your faculties to work as one.

Overall, this image indicates that you become more fertile and responsive when you align your life with your divine plan.

The Meaning of the Star Tarot for Life Goals

Upright Star Tarot for Life Goals – Yes or No

Pulling an upright Star tarot indicates a resounding YES concerning your goals in life. You should feel lucky that this is happening; it shows that the Universe looks at you favorably.

The Star asks you to have faith in your abilities. Regardless of what’s happening in your current life, know that you are not alone.

The world will support you in your endeavors. You’ll know this because small miracles will start manifesting to sort out situations you thought were hopeless.

You’re likely to pull an upright Star if you have recently gone through a traumatic experience. This tarot brings into your life the power of healing and recovery.

The Star wants you to know it shall be well. However, you must stay strong and hold on to your personal truths and beliefs.

Reversed Star Tarot for Life Goals – Yes or No

The Star in a reversed position is not a bad sign, either. But, on the contrary, this tarot is likely to appear to boost your dwindling confidence.

The Star wants you to believe things are not as bad as they seem. You need to have faith in yourself and your ability to make positive changes.

You can’t make significant strides when your courage and confidence levels are at an all-time low.

As such, the first thing you need to do is to speak positive things about yourself. For example, say, “I can make it; I’m stronger than my challenges.

Believe that you’ll quickly turn your life around with the right action.

The Meaning of the Star Tarot for Love

Upright Star Tarot for Love – Yes or No

The Star gives one of the most precise answers in a Yes or No love and romance reading. It will tell you YES whenever you come up with questions like: “Are we meant to be together?

The Star tarot encourages you to pursue your romantic endeavors confidently. You are good enough to be loved, and you deserve the good things happening in your life.

Pulling this card in a love reading indicates hope. Do not allow negative experiences from your past to prevent you from having a fulfilling love engagement with someone that loves you.

The Star tarot reveals itself to you in an upright position because you deserve to be happy. It urges you to open your heart and mind to give and receive love.

Reversed Star Tarot for Love – Yes or No

Have you been feeling skeptical about your love prospects? Then, it is no wonder that the reversed Star makes an appearance.

Pulling this card indicates that your confidence and sense of self-worth are dented. Something has happened to dampen your feelings about romantic connections.

This card asks you to be gentle with yourself. Then, looking back, you’ll realize that what happened was part of a divine plan; it could not be prevented.

Moving forward, the best way to handle it is to let go. Start by forgiving yourself. Then, forgive anyone you believe might have had a role in the unfortunate events.

The reversed Star urges you to look to the future with hope. Good things will definitely come your way if you allow them.

The Meaning of the Star Tarot for Advice

Upright Star Tarot for Advice – Yes or No

Are you looking forward to starting an important project? Or do you need assurance that your plans are moving in the right direction?

The upright Star appears in the upright position to give you a YES. Your efforts have not been in vain. Also, your attitude towards your goals and dreams keeps improving every day.

This is commendable, and the upright Star is here to tell you just that. This tarot advises you not to allow anything to puncture your high confidence levels.

You will win things game by fully remaining in charge of your life. Don’t listen to advice from fellows that don’t share your goals, dreams, or enthusiasm.

Such fellows will dampen your spirit by telling you how much you need to change because you are doing poorly.

Reversed Star Tarot for Advice – Yes or No

Seeing the Star in a reversed position does not give a definite answer concerning your plans and projects.

This tarot is more likely to give you a MAYBE instead of YES or NO in response to your question.

The reversed Star clearly shows that you lack faith in your abilities. You are not sure you can hack it, so you are afraid to try.

It could also be that someone has dissuaded you from taking a certain action, and you are unsure how best to proceed.

Although the upside-down Star may not give you a straight answer, it will encourage you to examine the source of the problem.

Why do you feel so uncertain all of a sudden? What kind of life do you deserve, and what should you do to attain it?

The Meaning of the Star Tarot for Career

Upright Star Tarot for Career – Yes or No

The excellent work you have been doing has caught the attention of important people. Your clients simply love your work.

The upright Star tarot indicates that your superiors are beginning to see your value. Behind your back, they applaud themselves for having settled on you.

This tarot encourages you to keep up with the good work you have been doing.

You have yourself to thank for the good things coming your way. Finally, after years of hard work, things are looking up.

Additionally, the upright Star reveals itself to alleviate your fears. You will not lose your job. Neither will your business go down.

Keep up your positive attitude as you go about your mandate of making the world a better place through your work.

Reversed Star Tarot for Career – Yes or No

Do you feel discounted about the work you do for a living? Are you unhappy that your talents are not being properly utilized?

This is understandable if you see the reversed Star in a Yes or No reading about your job. However, this card urges you to think of what you need to do to change your situation.

Should you talk the situation over with your superiors? Is it best that you change your job, altogether? Or, do you need to go back to college and study for a different career?

Do you think you’ll do better when monetizing your hobbies? Or, does the solution lie in overhauling your mindset?

The reversed Star asks you to consider these suggestions and see what works best for you.


Did the Star come up during your Yes or No reading session? This is a sign of positive growth. This tarot assures you that everything in your life is happening as it should.

You are at the right place, and at the right time.

This does not mean, however, that you should sit back when something is not happening right. Instead, it indicates it’s time for you to take positive action to change your life story.

Seeing this card in a reading gives you a refreshing YES.

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