Are you interested in King of Cups as Feelings Tarot Reading? Then this guide is for you!

The King of Cups – or the King of Chalices – reveals itself to ignite your hidden skills and talents. An encounter with this tarot reveals you are gifted beyond what you previously thought.

For example, you have a superb ability to control your emotions. Combined with your imagination, this enables you to create a powerful impact on the world.

Drawing this card indicates someone loves you genuinely.

What Does the King of Cups Symbolize as Feelings?

Pulling the King of Cups reveals deep feelings of attraction for someone who genuinely loves you. This card appears to someone determined to live the best love life possible.

Using the tarot cards meaning list, you will be able to understand what the cards want to tell you and where you should change your path.

An encounter with the King of Cups urges you not to hide your emotions. For example, if you love someone, the best action is to let them know.

Take the initiative and approach them. You may be surprised to realize that your love will be reciprocated.

The King of Cups also symbolizes fidelity. The emotions your partner feels should never be trivialized. Neither should you allow anyone to take for granted your feelings for them.

This tarot encourages you to treat your partner with respect and consideration. Demonstrate to them that you are dependable through your words and actions.

Drawing the King of Cups alerts you that someone is overwhelmed with love for you. But, unfortunately, unless you step in and help them out, these feelings will likely turn to bitterness and frustration.

You don’t want someone behaving like a jilted lover around you. As such, whether you have feelings for this person or not, help them in the best way possible to handle the situation.

Upright King of Cups as Feelings

Upright King of Cups as Feelings for Singles

If you are single are starting a new relationship, the King of Cups indicates that the future looks great. You’ll meet someone (if you have not met them already) that will be totally devoted to you.

This tarot reminds you that love is a gift from the Universe. As such, treasure the person that comes into your life.

Treat them with respect, dignity, and understanding. Remember, many are out there looking for love, but they can’t find the right partner.

With the right effort, you and your crush will create exciting memories.

Upright King of Cups as Feelings for Existing Relationships

Are you married or in a long-term relationship? The King of Cups shows that your partner is devoted and committed to you.

They love you despite your flaws ad shortcomings. This is good news if you’d like to spend the rest of your life with this person.

However, it would help if you understood that it cannot be all smooth sailing. You will encounter setbacks every now and then.

This is normal, and it happens in any healthy relationship. The trick is in resolving these hiccups fast and amicably.

The upright King of Cups urges you to learn the importance of making compromises and sacrifices for your relationship.

Upright King of Cups as Feelings for an Ex

Do you want to know what your ex feels about you? The King of Cups indicates your old flame no longer blames you for what happened in the past.

They have heard time to process the pain and anguish that came with the split. Actually, they are not more understanding and compassionate than ever.

This tarot indicates that your old flame may seek reconciliation with you. However, if this is impossible, your ex has emotionally stabilized enough to understand your reasons.

If you are to come back together, ensure that you both clearly understand each other’s expectations.

Reversed King of Cups as Feelings

Reversed King of Cups as Feelings for Singles

Are you single or in a young relationship? The reversed King of Cups urges you to tread cautiously. Likely, you’ve gotten entangled with someone who has emotional baggage.

Since this person may not know they have this challenge, you have to keep your eyes peeled. However, don’t wait until drama erupts in your relationship to take action.

This does not mean, however, that you should abandon your new catch. Instead, be compassionate and try to help your crush in the best way possible.

Should you realize that the imbalance between the two of you cannot be sorted out, do not be afraid to exit.

Reversed King of Cups as Feelings for Existing Relationships

The King of Cups presents himself in an upside-down position to indicate that something is not right in your relationship.

Do you find yourself arguing all the time? Are you always on the defensive for something you said or did?

Clearly, there’s more negative energy in this relationship than positive ones. It could be that your partner is not effectively playing their part.

They may have become emotionally distant or withdrawn. But, on the other hand, it could be that your partner is the manipulative type, and they don’t like it when you show a streak of independence.

You need to consider the best way out of this challenge.

Reversed King of Cups as Feelings for an Ex

This tarot warns you to be wary of your ex’s overtures. Likely, they have realized that you are still into them and want to use this to their advantage.

The reversed King of Cups reminds you of good reasons you parted ways with your ex. If these challenges have not been resolved, be careful when this person insists on reuniting with you.

It could be they want to manipulate your emotions to their advantage.

King of Cups and Lovers as Feelings

This combination stands for strong romantic feelings towards your partner. The King of Cups and Lovers wants you to know you have a good thing going.

This is your cue to show gratitude for the unique gift of love you have received from the Universe. Take every opportunity to let your partner know that you treasure them.

Consider gifting them something you know they’ll love. But, at the same time, open your mind and heart to receive love.

King of Cups and Temperance as Feelings

Although this combination lays a perfect platform for positive feelings, your partner may still be cynical about your relationship.

The King of Cups and Temperance indicate you still have some work to do to make the heart of your beloved settle.

But, not to worry. If you continue treating your loved ones with a positive mindset, they will soon see you are genuine, and their fears will be assuaged.

This combination encourages you to work on making your partner relaxed. Ensure you don’t engage in activities that would make them doubt your good intentions.

King of Cups and Knight of Cups as Feelings

This combination shows you feel strongly about someone in your life. If you are single, the King of Cups and the Knight of Cups tell you to take immediate action and approach the subject of your love.

This combination indicates that your partner knows they have met someone they can build a future with.

As such, your partner will be very responsive to your overtures. Be sure to give them constructive suggestions and guide them in the right direction.

The King of Cups and Knight of Cups make for a great couple.

King of Cups and Ace of Cups as Feelings

Your love will be deep and affectionate. You and your partner will have each other’s interests at heart.

The King of Cups and Ace of Cups indicate that the partners are content to drink from each other’s cup of emotions.

You are both determined to bring nothing but joy, peace, and contentment into the relationship.

This combination indicates that a lot of creativity will be seen in this union. You’ll pool your resources and do something that you may not be able to achieve individually.

King of Cups and Strength as Feelings

As feelings, the King of Cups and Strength combination indicates that someone in the relationship is not being honest with their emotions.

Before judging your partner, you need to understand that they are not being evasive for any ulterior motives.

Instead, your partner feels vulnerable. They believe that by masking their emotions, they do not expose themselves to hurt.

The truth is that your partner loves you. So continue treating them right and assuring them of your love and support.

With time, the mask will fall off, and they’ll readily share their true emotional love with you.

King of Cups and Tower as Feelings

This combination indicates that someone loves you intensely but is afraid to let you know. On the other hand, it could be that they are shy and are waiting for you to take the initiative.

Or, this person might feel that you will reject their love. This fear makes them keep their feelings to themselves.

However, they keep following you on social media and monitoring your activities.

If you recognize their need and feel the same way, the union you form will shake the heaves and move the Universe.

Your partner will totally give themselves to you, and you’ll be greatly inspired to reciprocate this gesture.

Take care, however, that you don’t break this person’s heart. This combination shows your partner can react erratically should you jilt them.

In the world of Tarot, the King of Cups symbolizes emotional balance, wisdom, and compassion, guiding us through the seas of our feelings with the steadiness of a seasoned captain.

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The King of Cups opens your mind to the wisdom and knowledge you need to handle your feelings. If you are in love or have been in love, these emotions can get pretty intense.

Grave mistakes have been made because of emotionally-instigated decisions. The king of Cups wants you to make the right moves as far as your love life is concerned.

Drawing this tarot encourages you to be mature and wise in your outlook. Do not allow the happenings in your relationship to make you lose your confidence and positive demeanor.

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