Are you interested in King of Swords as Feelings Tarot Reading? Then this guide is for you!

As your feelings guide, the King of Swords asks you to put on integrity. If you want your relationship to thrive, you should be honest, sincere, and truthful with your partner.

This tarot reminds you that successful relationships don’t just happen. Both partners must be willing to invest their emotions in each other.

This means you should act with each other’s interests in mind.

Pulling the King of Swords is a powerful reminder that you should have high standards for your relationship.

This will keep other parties at bay, and you’ll enjoy your partner’s company uninterrupted.

What Does the King of Swords Symbolize as Feelings?

The King of Swords is depicted as a confident, strong, and protective figure. He is a kind, charismatic ruler who wants nothing but the best for his subjects.

Although this King employs his mental faculties a lot, he knows that his feelings play a crucial role in achieving his goals and dreams.

The King of Swords uses his strength and influence to give you the emotional support you need to run a successful relationship.

His powerful, commanding stature may mislead one into thinking that this King has no iota of feelings. The truth is that he knows without feelings, the world would be one cold, loveless place.

The Kind of Swords wants you to treat your partner with love and respect. Be honest with your partner because this is the cornerstone of effective communication.

Without honesty, the relationship is likely to degenerate into suspicion and chaos. The King of Swords encourages you to connect to your partner through heartwarming conversations.

Make yourself approachable by being empathetic whenever your partner encounters a baffling issue.

The King of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

Drawing the King of Swords indicates you’ll meet someone that will help you unleash your full potential.

This person has lots of respect for you – a signal that you’ll have a healthy connection with them.

The King of Swords encourages you and your partners to set firm boundaries against outside intruders.

Not everyone will be happy to see you thrive. So be there for your partner by protecting them from anyone or anything that may derail them from your common goal.

This does not mean, however, that you should curtail your partner’s personal freedom and growth. Instead, you need to gently remind each other about what brought you together and where you are heading.

Encourage the spirit of openness in your relationship. The King of Swords indicates that this happens only when both parties can freely express their feelings.

Create the right atmosphere for your partner to speak out whenever they feel something is not going right.

This way, neither of you will accumulate negative energies.

This is one of the most potent tarot cards if you are looking to connect to your partner. It gives you the power and clarity of thought to understand how best to handle this person.

Upright King of Swords as Feelings

Upright King of Swords as Feelings for Singles

The King of Swords indicates you’ll meet a very positive individual if you are single and searching. This should give you hope that your dreams are valid.

Drawing the King of Swords tells you not to give up on love. The Universe has aligned you with a respectful partner, one who’ll treat you just like you’d like to be treated.

This person will clearly let you know what they want in this relationship. They’ll also be highly interested in your expectations.

This will enable you to create a solid foundation for a strong relationship.

Upright King of Swords as Feelings for Existing Relationships

The King of Swords asks you to pay close attention to your relationship’s health and general wellbeing.

You have a responsibility to help your partner make critical decisions on the direction your love life should take.

This entails that you avail yourself emotionally for consultations whenever the need arises. Also, avoid making unilateral decisions.

Make it a habit to consult your partner whenever a serious matter arises.

Upright King of Swords as Feelings for an Ex

Did you want to know whether you can reconcile with your ex? The King of Swords indicates your ex has grown in wisdom and maturity since you parted company.

This means they are more amenable to reconciliation. They have seen the errors of their ways, and they no longer consider you the monster they thought you were.

It won’t be long before your ex reaches out to you. Carefully consider how you need to proceed with this.

Upright King of Swords as Feelings for Family and Friends

Your family and friends are happy with the intervention you have been making to improve their lives. You have made situations that would have brought pain and misery to put smiles on their faces.

The upright King of Swords assures you that your efforts will not go unrewarded.

Reversed King of Swords as Feelings

Reversed King of Swords as Feelings for Singles

In the reversed position, the King of Swords indicates that someone you are interested in may not have the same feelings.

However, they may not tell you this because they are vested in them. So be careful of someone who gets angry or moody when they don’t do what they want.

This clearly shows this person is only interested in manipulating you for their own selfish gains, and you have no business being involved with such a person.

Reversed King of Swords as Feelings for Existing Relationships

Something has gone amiss in your relationship. It could be that your partner has lowered their standards, and they no longer care about safeguarding your interests.

The reversed King of Swords sounds a warning bell when your partner stops doing the nice things they used to do for you.

If your partner starts acting cold and reserved, you need to act quickly to find out the problem.

Reconsider the relationship if your intervention does not bear fruit.

Reversed King of Swords as Feelings for an Ex

The reversed King of Swords intimates that your partner no longer cares about feeling or acting honorable. Likely, they will soon tarnish your name because they still blame you for all your woes.

This totem asks you to take it easy; your ex is still in the denial stage of the healing process, and they’ll soon come around.

If you are with a new partner, alert them in good time on what to expect.

Reversed King of Swords as Feelings for Family and Friends

The King of Swords urges you not to allow your family or friends to struggle with emotions because you won’t make things clear.

When you keep important information hidden from your loved ones, you keep them guessing. But, unfortunately, this will eat into their energies, and they may not perform as expected.

The Upright King of Swords asks you to be there for your family and friends. Try your best to communicate candidly with them so that nothing is left hanging.

King of Swords and Justice as Feelings

If you pulled these two cards together during a reading session, you need to make certain things right. Likely, you made a mistake that your partner has not discovered.

Or, you hurt someone’s feelings with thoughtless words and have not realized you need to make amends.

This combination indicates you are on the right path. So go ahead and correct your errors by doing the right thing.

Alternatively, the King of Swords and Justice Combination shows someone special has been sending you mixed signals.

These cards urge you to take the initiative to discover what could be wrong.

King of Swords and Strength as Feelings

Drawing these two cards together indicates the person you have in mind is optimistic. If you are in a relationship with them, your union will grow by leaps and bounds.

Your combined energies will enable you to move swiftly toward your goals and dreams.

Are you married or in a long-term relationship? The two cards urge you to work at building strength with your partner.

You’ll find the going more manageable if you work together at solving your problems.

King of Swords and Lovers as Feelings

The person you have in mind is a good match for you. You just need to align your goals and dreams, and you’ll be the perfect match.

This combination provides for smart and intelligent couples. You’ll form a formidable union with your partner because the two of you were made for each other.

Your partner desires to stay with you for life. If this is what you have been dreaming of, thank the Universe for its favor.

King and Queen of Swords as Feelings

Pulling these two cards together may not be an excellent sign. It indicates some form of rivalry between you and your partner.

If this relationship is to hold together, both partners must be inspired to share their emotions candidly. This entails a display of a high level of honesty by both parties.

You also need to understand that your relationship will have more than its fair share of challenges. However, if you can overcome these hurdles, nothing can stop you from being a good match for each other.


Did you pull the King of Swords in a recent reading session? This tarot inculcates the virtues of integrity, discipline, and authority regarding your feelings.

The King on this card sits on his throne, holding his sword high. This indicates that your emotional expressions should be above reproach.

Set the standards your admirers can emulate.

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