Are you interested in King of Swords ‘Yes or No’ Tarot Reading? Then this guide is for you!

The question you ask in a Yes or No reading could go either way if the King of Swords reveals himself. So this is one card that essentially provides a MAYBE or NEUTRAL answer to your question.

What this means is that this tarot gives you the leeway to take action to change your story. Positive action leads to a good outcome, while inaction leads to poor results and failure.

The King of Swords calls on you to use your hidden gifts to solve the issues you are going through.

As you go about this, you’ll realize that you are not only intelligent, but authoritative, assertive, and determined.

What Does the King of Swords Symbolize?

This card has an image of a King sitting on his majestic throne. A double-edged sword in his right-hand points straight to the sky.

This Sword and the throne are his symbols of authority. He has the symbols of leadership necessary to lead his people.

He wears a serious yet calm demeanor. His face speaks of fairness, justice, intelligence, and firmness. Although a benevolent ruler, he does not allow anyone to joke around with his responsibilities.

He is dressed in an elegant blue tunic that displays the calmness and control he fills inside. This tunic color has something to do with his deep spiritual understanding.

The king comes across as both a moral and spiritual authority. He dispenses worldly justice and guides his people on the right spiritual path.

Some butterflies hover close to the King of Swords. These are testament to his reach spiritual connection with the Divine.

A close look at this card paints a picture of impartiality. It arouses the need to create the right balance in your life to exude your innate authority.

This is possible if you take positive action. It will not happen if you sit on your talents. The King of Swords gives a MAYBE answer to your question.

The Meaning of King of Swords for Life Goals

Upright King of Swords for Life Goals – Yes or No

The king of Swords wears a serious yet kind face. This shows the strength of character. Pulling an upright King of Swords tarot tells you to have integrity.

Many look up to you for guidance and support. You should be seen to be dependable in your words and actions.

This tarot dissuades you from reacting to situations just for the sake of it. Instead, your thoughts and actions must be driven by the desire to bring positive change to your world.

Your morals should be beyond reproach. But, like the King of Swords, you must stand on the side of justice and fairness.

Additionally, the tarot indicates that your spiritual transformation will come from your success.

The butterflies around the King of Swords urge you to take your spiritual life seriously, for it is the cornerstone of the other aspects of your existence.

Reversed King of Swords for Life Goals – Yes or No

This tarot alerts you that you could soon lose some form of authority. Probably, you’ll feel vulnerable because a protective figure will exit the scene.

It could be the loss of a father, male friend, or male lover. The reversed King of Swords shows you’ll have to make serious adjustments to your life.

The process may be slow and painful, but just hold on. Avoid getting caught up in a web of impulsive actions that could lead to your downfall.

How strong are you? Will you allow yourself to sink into depression because of your loss, or will you fight and rise back up?

The reversed King of Swords indicates that although the experience is painful, it is within your divine plan.

Sometimes, we have to encounter suffering and hardships to open the next chapter of our lives.

The Meaning of King of Swords for Love

Upright King of Swords for Love – Yes or No

You have a kind, compassionate soul like the King of Swords. This tarot asks you to treat your partner compassionately.

Use your skills and talents to support them generously. But, like the King of Swords, keep your emotions well under your control.

Do not allow anger and other negative feelings to make you say things you’ll later regret.

The upright King of Swords indicates that it doesn’t matter how low you had sunk in your previous relationships.

You can pull out of your predicament and enjoy happy love life. The upright King of Sword identifies you as a pure soul.

You exude peace, love, and light everywhere you go. Of all places, this should be most evident in your love life.

Reversed King of Swords for Love – Yes or No

This tarot indicates you have been seriously hurt or will soon be. The inverted King of Swords indicates pain and suffering.

You will go through a period of trial by fire. This will test your strength and make you a better person if you are strong enough to withstand it.

This version of the King of Swords appears to you when your life is about to get chaotic. However, this is not meant to denounce or condemn you.

Instead, this tarot tells you to regain control of your life before it is too late. This is an excellent time to look closely at your life and see what needs to be changed.

Are you sure you are with the right partner? Are you pursuing the same goals and interests?

The reversed King of Swords urges you to put your life together after a heartbreak. What has transpired cannot be undone.

Your only option is to heal and move forward.

The Meaning of King of Swords for Advice

Upright King of Swords for Advice – Yes or No

Your knowledge and wisdom are the bastions of your strength. The upright King of Swords asks you to rely on these to advance your agenda.

You don’t have to make noise or complain when others are doing so. This is because you have that inner sense of mind to see opportunities, whereas most people see only challenges.

You appreciate that challenges and hardships are but steppingstones to greatness.

Like the King of Swords, you should employ stamina and gracefulness to achieve success. Be kind and generous without letting people trample on you.

This tarot asks you to be strong enough to allow people to see what you stand for.

Pulling a King of Swords asks you to think positively regardless of the circumstances on your path. As a result, you’ll achieve great things with a positive mindset.

Reversed King of Swords for Advice – Yes or No

When the King of Swords is inverted, don’t expect a lot of things to go your way. You’ll have to work overtime to get yourself out of any rut you find yourself in.

This tarot signals that you have been acting impulsively on issues you should have been more deliberate about.

You are being warned that you will be courting disaster unless you think through your actions correctly.

The King of Swords cannot say with finality whether your life will go as planned or not. However, you can change the tide in your favor by regaining control of the errant faculties of your life.

Bridle your emotions and allow your mind to take over. This will enable you to focus on the important things in your life.

Additionally, do not open your life to careless forces that want to scuttle your plans. Will my plans work out in the end? The King of Swords says MAYBE.

It all depends on how you conduct yourself moving forward. You may have to seek further clarification from other tarots, such as the Tower.

The Meaning of King of Swords for Health

Upright King of Swords for Health – Yes or No

The King of Swords is highly interested in protecting your health. He will guide you in all aspects of living a healthy, responsive life.

If you are not used to this kind of support and protection, you may think the King of Swords is too protective.

However, the truth is that there’s nothing as important as your wellbeing. Seeing the upright King of Swords tarot tells you to take care of every aspect of your health.

Do not allow mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual infirmities to go unattended. Seek the necessary help whenever you feel that any area of your health is falling out of line.

Reversed King of Swords for Health – Yes or No

The reversed King of Swords recognizes the pain you may be going through because of a loss you experienced.

Perhaps, you lost a loved one, and you are unlikely to see them again. Or, you made a considerable loss in the money markets, which has given you a blow from which you think you won’t recover.

The reversed King of Swords draws attention to the power of your mind. So you will if you believe you will get out of your current rut.

This tarot asks you to start the healing process immediately. It reminds you that mourning has a shelf life; it cannot go on forever.


The King of Swords will guide you in the best way possible, but will neither give you a YES nor a No answer.

This means you must reflect on what is holding you back and see how best to deal with it.

Pulling the King of Swords during a Yes or No reading session encourages you to have faith in yourself.

You are the best-equipped person to handle your issues.

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