Are you interested in Knight of Wands ‘Yes or No’ Tarot Reading? Then this guide is for you!

Do you wonder what the Knight of Wands means when it appears in your tarot reading? This tarot card will appear in your ‘yes or no’ reading to indicate you’ll get stellar results for your efforts.

For this reason, the Knight of Wands is generally considered a YES card.

What Does the Knight of Wands Symbolize?

In medieval times, knights were known for their bravery and chivalry. Many tales were told of knights in shining armor saving damsels in distress.

It was the dream of every maiden to meet a knight who would sweep her off her feet.

Knights were tasked with protecting the royalty and their country. So they would bravely ride into battle, where they would vanquish their enemies.

This description of medieval knights fits very well into the image portrayed by the Knight of Wands. This tarot card reveals itself to people inspired by courage and confidence.

The Knight of Wands tarot brings blessings to anyone that pulls it. However, this tarot has two sides, as with all cards in a deck.

Depending on the situation, it can bless or issue a stern warning.

Generally, the Knight of Wands is considered a YES tarot that answers your questions positively.

Pulling this card means that something positive will happen in your life. In all likelihood, your life will expand beyond your expectations.

You’re also likely to travel and meet new opportunities in a faraway land – mostly probably overseas.

The Meaning of Knight of Wands Tarot for Life Goals

Upright Knight of Wands for life Goals – Yes or No

Pulling this card is a good sign. It appears to awaken your sense of adventure.

If you have been longing to travel and expand your horizons, an upright Knight of Wands tells you to go for it.

You are free-spirited since you won’t allow anyone to dictate your life. However, you also dislike being confined physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

You are happiest in an environment that allows you to express yourself wholly without impediments.

The Knight of Wands indicates that following your thoughts will achieve excellent results in your endeavors.

This tarot also identifies your rebellious streak. You are not one to follow the crowd just to conform. Instead, you do things your way, motivated only by the desire to enjoy life to the fullest.

The Knight of Wands tarot encourages you to remain true to your personality. Be brave, courageous, and outgoing in your quest for adventure.

However, you need to avoid being too impulsive or careless. Taking risks is okay if you consider that everything has its breaking point.

Reversed Knight of Wands for life Goals – Yes or No

Drawing a reversed Knight of Wands in your reading gives you a NO answer. This reading predicts some severe challenges and difficulties ahead.

Perhaps, you have been moving too fast for your own good. Unless you slow down, you will encounter some serious setbacks and hiccups before long.

An upside-down Knight of Wands tarot warns you against making hasty decisions. For example, you may be too impulsive, messing up your goals to be secure and stable.

Pause for a while to take stock of your life. You’ll realize that you need to slow down on some aspects of your lifestyle.

A reversed Knight of Wards indicates the need to plan carefully before you invest your money or other resources in any venture.

Be sure to carry out thorough due diligence before signing any contracts.

The reversed Knight of Wands does not tell you to shut your life down. On the contrary, it advises you to take an honest look at your plans to determine their viability.

Alternatively, an upside-down Knight of Wands indicates you are not so sure about yourself anymore. Chinks are beginning to show in your courage and confidence.

You could have allowed some negative energy to camp in your life. But, instead, you need to take remedial action fast before fear, worry, and doubt become your permanent tenants.

The Meaning of Knight of Wands Tarot for Love

Upright Knight of Wands for Love – Yes or No

This is a firm YES tarot when it comes to your love life. Your strong charisma and sense of adventure are quite evident in the way you conduct your relationship.

When it comes to matters of the heart, you are fearless. As a result, you get into a relationship without the insecurities of fear of rejection.

As such, you spontaneously tend to exude a positive aura, which further works in your favor.

An upright Knight of Wands indicates you’ll attract the right partners because of your confident demeanor.

Your sexy attitude and your self-assurance are powerful magnets for potential partners.

An upright Knight of Wands warns you against being too confident to the point of arrogance. This may not go down well with your partner if you are in a relationship.

Make a deliberate effort to spend quality time with your partner. This reading advises letting your partner know you’ll be there for them in good and bad times.

Reversed Knight of Wands for Love – Yes or No

The answer is NO when you pull an upside-down Knight of Wands tarot during a love reading. This position does not augur well with your plans for a stable romantic connection.

A reversed Knight of Wands indicates that you have allowed some negative energy to seep into your love life.

It could be that you have become too reckless that you have forgotten to tend to your partner’s emotional needs.

Or, perhaps, you have been emotionally unavailable to the extent that a third party wants to take advantage of the resultant situation.

Whatever the case, pulling a reversed Knight of Wands suggests the need to regain control of your love life.

You need to move quickly to identify the problem’s source and stem it. Your inaction could easily lead your relationship to titter on the edge of collapse.

Pulling this tarot reminds you that successful relationships do not just happen. They are the result of hard work, patience, and honest communication.

The Meaning of Knight of Wands Tarot for Advice

Upright Knight of Wands for Advice – Yes or No

Pulling this tarot indicates a firm YES. It points to your fearlessness and positive energy. This means you can move through life unencumbered by the fears and doubts that beset some people.

Your life will be full of fun and excitement because you are not afraid to live.

An upright Knight of Wands asks you to unleash your full arsenal of talents and abilities in pursuing your dreams.

Do not allow anything to stand between you and the life you envision for yourself and your loved ones.

A word of caution, though! Do not rush into implementing plans and decisions before you think them through.

You are likely to make a major blunder if you jump into plans before knowing the end game.

Reversed Knight of Wands for Advice – Yes or No

When you pull this tarot, it tells you NO as the answer to your question. This reading draws attention to your lack of emotional control.

Likely, you have allowed negative emotions from your past to resurface. This is quite dangerous as it may make you lose focus on the critical things in your life.

Lack of emotional control usurps energy. It creates frustration, eventually leading to a lack of self-discipline and a breakdown of order in all aspects of your life.

Although this tarot gives you a NO, it advises that all is not lost. You can get back into the game by regaining control of your life and dealing with the cause of this problem at the root.

Most importantly, a reversed Knight of Wands asks you to let bygones be bygones. Don’t allow any damaging elements from your past to resurface.

The Meaning of Knight of Wands Tarot for Career

Upright Knight of Wands for Career – Yes or No

The Knight of Wands is a YES tarot regarding your career and professional life. It tells you not to settle for a job you don’t like.

You stand to gain a lot by gunning for a better, more satisfying career. Alternatively, you can go for a better position within your current job.

An upright Knight of Wands indicates that a job change will make you more effective. In addition, you’ll create more impact in your community by putting all aspects of your creative energy to use.

Are you stuck in the same miserable job you’ve been doing for years? An upright Knight of Wands indicates your fortunes are about to change.

Something will happen to send you in a new, exciting direction that will bring back life to your career life.

Reversed Knight of Wands for Career – Yes or No

The answer is NO if you pull this card during a career-related reading. Also, this tarot is a bad omen regarding your career progression and growth.

A reversed Knight of Wands tarot indicates that you could soon be under attack. Likely, someone in your work environment wants you out of the way because they perceive you as a threat.

This reading also suggests that your low performance is brought about by a lack of enthusiasm for what you do for a living.

The Knight of Wands tells you things don’t have to be this way. Instead, you should rethink your career choices and settle for what works best.

This reading suggests the need to set ambitious professional goals. This will enable you to devise a definite plan of what you want to achieve in this life.

Although things may not always go as you want, you can always make adjustments to accommodate the changing situations.


Pulling a Knight of Wands tarot calls on you to use your passion to fuel your dreams. This tarot reminds you that you have the resources to live your life to the fullest.

You are energetic, adventurous, and fearless. Rely heavily on these qualities to fight for your dream life.

The Knight of Wands is generally taken to be a YES Tarot. It encourages you to convert your courage and confidence into action.

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