Are you interested in Queen of Swords ‘Yes or No’ Tarot Reading? Then this guide is for you!

Many wonder whether pulling the Queen of Swords tarot during a Yes or No reading is a positive or negative sign.

If you are one of these people, this article will provide you with the answers you seek. Generally speaking, the Queen of Swords gives a firm YES answer to your questions.

It is closely associated with intelligent, mature individuals, confident about who they are.

What Does the Queen of Swords Symbolize?

The image on this card depicts a mature woman who sits on a magnificent throne. She casts her gaze into the far distance, as if she is contemplating the impact she has on the world.

On the one hand, she holds a double-edged sword that points straight to the sky. Her other hand is proferred in a gesture of assurance and support.

This image indicates she is ready to support and protect those under her care. She paints the picture of comfort and assurance, like someone who can never leave her charges to their own devices.

From the accumulated clouds in the background, one can tell that the Queen of Swords is evidently in heaven.

This symbolizes divine love, care, and guidance to all those she reveals herself.

Count yourself lucky when you pull this card in a reading. It means your plans and projects are blessed by the best forces in the Universe.

The Meaning of Queen of Swords for Life Goals

Upright Queen of Swords for Life Goals – Yes or No

The Queen of Swords is determined to protect you from harm. Her empathetic nature drives her to offer you guidance, advice, and wisdom before you get into trouble.

Fortunately for you, she can see far beyond human eyes. She is also highly knowledgeable. This means you are very safe under her care.

Pulling this care to understand your life goals means you are lucky. First, you have a kind, listening ear to turn to whenever you have doubts about the course of your life.

The Queen of swords has traveled to many places, and she has seen it all. There’s no puzzle under the sun she cannot help you unravel.

The decorative cherub and butterfly on her throne indicate that her advice is divine. She will gently guide you through life’s billows to a safe and secure place.

When this card reveals itself in a reading, it urges you to seek advice from mature, experienced people – those who have been there before you.

Reversed Queen of Swords for Life Goals – Yes or No

An older female is likely to push your life into turmoil. When the Queen of Swords reveals herself in a reversed version, it spells trouble.

The unfortunate bit is that this person stands to gain nothing by causing chaos in your life. So instead, she wants to do it for the heck of it.

This tarot urges you to be vigilant, especially around people whose motives are unclear. It indicates that not everyone that comes into your life has good intentions.

They come to study your life to infect you with bad energy that will make your plans crumble.

Be careful of third parties that are too interested in the intimate details of your relationship. This tarot shows that such people are usually motivated by jealousy.

Their joy is in seeing you and your partner part ways. But, likely, they are envious because of their inability to create the kind of connection you enjoy with your lover.

This is your cue to keep your private affairs private. Not everyone deserves to know what’s happening in their personal life.

The Meaning of Queen of Swords for Love

Upright Queen of Swords for Love – Yes or No

The appearance of an upright Queen of Swords in a love reading indicates success.

If you have been looking for genuine love, the Queen of Swords wants you to know that something good is in the offing.

This tarot assures you that you’ll meet an authentic soul who wants to create the best love experiences with you.

This is your cue to put on your adventure hut. Your love life is about to change in ways you had not envisioned.

Treasure the love you have found – or will soon find. Make it your mission to bring peace and happiness into your partner’s life.

This entails that you make sacrifices and compromises for the sake of your relationship. An upright Queen of Swords reminds you that things cannot always go your way.

This tarot reveals itself to spring a pleasant surprise. Soon, you will find hope and joy in love and romance.

Reversed Queen of Swords for Love – Yes or No

Be wary of female energy out to wreck your love life. This energy may come from either male or female individuals.

It could be that your ex is jealous of your newfound love, and they are out to destroy it.

The reversed Queen of Swords could also point to an authoritarian figure messing up your chances of enjoying love.

This could be an evil aunt or uncle who denies you every opportunity to meet with your beloved.

Likely, they have spent a loveless life themselves, and they don’t see why you should be so lucky to find love.

At the same time, the reversed Queen of Swords asks you to forget your bitter past and look to the future with hope.

Are you bitter about hurtful past experiences? Then, it’s time to let go and embrace new love.

The Meaning of Queen of Swords for Career

Upright Queen of Swords for Career – Yes or No

Pulling the Queen of Swords a career-related reading indicates YES. The Queen of Swords represents a powerful woman in your workplace who’s ready to mentor you.

This lady wants you to succeed; they probably have a leadership position in mind for you. Although they will come on strongly to you, their intentions are above board.

Do not be afraid that this lady has some ulterior motives. However, their interest in you is noble, and they only want to help with your career progression.

The appearance of an upright Queen of Swords encourages you to show some initiative in emulating your mentor.

Don’t wait for everything to be done for you. You must show the willingness to be assisted and shown the ropes of success.

Reversed Queen of Swords for Career – Yes or No

Someone with lots of feminine energy wants to put you at a disadvantage. They probably feel that you are doing better than at the workplace.

This person could be of either gender. Your detractor feels that they get better chances of success by sidelining you.

The Queen of Swords reveals herself to admonish you for being indiscreet with your trade secrets. Some things are meant to be kept between you and your employer.

If you are in business, you should be conscious that not everyone is as ethical as you. Some will use underhand methods to try and put you out of business.

The reversed Queen of Swords indicates a YES if you are willing to build meaningful business partnerships.

The Meaning of Queen of Swords for Advice

Upright Queen of Swords for Advice – Yes or No

The upright presentation of the Queen of Swords urges you to listen to advice from others. The Universe has planted many people in your life path to guide and counsel you.

Pay particular attention to your mentors, healers, teachers, and spiritual leaders. This tarot indicates that these people came into your life for a reason.

This is a bright card to pull because it represents the advice and support you miss to make wise decisions.

Fortunately, this advice is readily available, and you can freely tap into it.

Are you going through a period of grief and loss? The upright Queen of Swords tells you YES, someone has been sent to help you.

Regardless of the dilemma you find yourself in, there’s someone close by to offer you the love and support you need.

Reversed Queen of Swords for Advice – Yes or No

You may want help but are hesitant to implement the advice given. How do you expect your life to change if you are unwilling to take positive action?

Unless you change your attitude towards your mentors and teachers, the answer to your question is NO.

The reversed Queen of Swords indicates that only you can take the measures to transform your life. Others may intervene by chipping in here and there with pieces of advice.

But ultimately, the final push to success lies squarely with you.


The Queen of Swords represents the power of your independent femininity. It urges you to use your feminine energy to push toward your goals and dreams.

Despite all the challenges you may be going through, this tarot indicates you have what it takes to succeed.

Nothing can be stronger than the positive influence of the Queen of Swords, who wields divine power.

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